Happiness is the best immunity booster!

In life we are always in the pursuit of happiness and no matter what we are looking for ways to be happy. One of the main sources of happiness is undoubtedly good health. If we are not healthy, we can’t be happy and vice-versa. I realised this 5 years back when diabetes hit me hard. This affected me both physically and mentally. But now I’m finally taking charge of my health and have realised that in order tosaty happy , I need to boost my immunity. My very dear friend had suggested me haldi or turmeric milk long time back. It really helps me with my allergies. Another great immunity booster is cinnamon. It’s a magical spice. Add it to your tea just have it with warm water. It works wonders. My favourite tea is with cinnamon and ginger. Tulsi tea is also very good for health. So let’s all start working on ways to build our immunity and I assure you happiness will be right there inside us!

Published by goenkaruchi

Hi this is Ruchi here

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