a world of noise!

Our mind is talking to us non-stop and sometimes we need to quiet this chattering. This is called “Mindfulness” that is to be silent and peaceful when so much noise and commotion is going around us. If we can sit down and introspect what’s going on inside us and be aware of whatever we are doing it’s called being mindful. Silence is the key to Mindfulness. Silence is the answer to the call of beauty around us. Through silence, we are free to hear, see and simple be. Silence teaches us to connect with the happiness that surrounds us and also to achieve internal peace by living mindfully. Only when we cease the internal chatter can we be peaceful and aware. I read this book by Thich Nhat Hanh called “Silence” who is a Buddhist monk and has written many books on “Mindfulness”. I recommend this book as it will enlighten us with the art of “Silence” and “Mindfulness”.

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