Thank you God for my friends!

In life so many people come and go. Those who stay with you are your true friends. Yes we need friends in this journey of life in order to help you through thick and thin and to hold your hand when you are in need. Also to celebrate the small pleasures of life and to talk to someone about your happiness and your sorrow, you need friends. I have a few friends but I’m thankful to God for giving me good friends. They are there to pep me up when I’m low and to laugh with me when I’m happy. You can’t walk the road all alone and they are there to walk beside me and motivate me. I can talk my heart out to them and also cry when I’m hurt. Thank you God for the giving me my true friends whom I’ll always treasure. I wish my friends ultimate happiness and success in life.

Published by goenkaruchi

Hi this is Ruchi here

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