The Umbilical Cord…

Right from the time of conception we are always connected to our mother through her umbilical cord. The connection nourishes us and protects us and even after the cord is cut, stays with us for the whole life. A mother is always there to hug us and take care of us since we are born. She feeds us, nurtures us and guides us in whatever we do. The food that we eat in our childhood has a special place in our lives and the taste lingers even when we grow up. I’ve watched my mother cook and make scrumptious food since I was small.Food has been an integral part of our lives and the woman who used to prepare it, my mom has been always there to fulfill my needs and desires.

Now when I myself am a mother I can connect to her even more and realise what she has done for me. I too want to pass down my knowledge to my daughter who takes keen interest in cooking and inspires me to cook and keep going. Such is the bond between a mother and daughter which cannot be described in words as the relation is indispensable.

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Hi this is Ruchi here

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