Veg Spring Rolls

For The Filling:

Heat oil in a pan. Add chopped onions.grated carrot and shredded caulifower. Add a little vinegar,soya sauce,capsicum. Now add some chilli sauce, tomato sauce, salt, pepper and boiled noodles. Also add a little red chilli powder.

For the Dough:

Take 1 cup maida or plain flour, add a little salt and knead it with cold water to make a soft dough.

Now make 3 small rotis of the dough. Spread oil liberally on top of the round. Then sprinkle maida or plain flour evenly. Take four rounds and place one on top of the oter to make a stack. Now roll it like a chapati.

Heat the tawa or griddle and put the big round roti on the tawa. Then remove each layer of the roti and place on a moist towel and cover it with a cloth. Mix little maida in water and make a thin paste.

Take a roti and make a roll out of it with the filling. Stick the middle portion and fold the sides and stick with the paste. Then deep fry the rolls. Your crispy spring rolls are ready to eat. Bon Appetit!

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