Tenacity- The art of keep going

Tenacity is the art of being persistent and determined to continue your work with full dedication. It is a rare quality but very crucial if you want to achieve your goal. Hindrances will always be there as nothing comes easy. But if you keep going on with sheer willpower nothing is impossible. Being tenacious requires a lot of hard work and there are times when life will pull you down. These are times when we need to be be firm and undeterred and move on. For this we need to be mentally and physically strong and persevere come what may. In this present pandemic also we need to hold on and do the needful so that we are prepared to face whatever comes our way. It is difficult to do so but we need to be strong-headed and not give up. Let’s all gather courage and fight it out together!

Published by goenkaruchi

Hi this is Ruchi here

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