Peace Of Mind

Peace of Mind is something we all are looking for. Today when so much agitation is going on outside and with so much of commotion it is difficult to be peaceful. The primary thing we should do is to not get affected by external situations and look for peace inside. For this we need to be mindful and aware of the surroundings and our own body. Once the body and mind are in synchronization or harmony there will definitely be peace inside. The main culprit is our own thoughts as our mind keeps wandering. If we can not get controlled by our thoughts and instead focus on our breathing process mindfully we can attain peace. It’s a gradual process but once we can bring the attention back to our breath and not get swayed away by our thoughts and introspect we will realise that we all are peaceful souls and peace lies within us.

Published by goenkaruchi

Hi this is Ruchi here

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