Utopia….State of bliss!

Today when I think of utopia, it seems far far away. It has just become a dream where everything will be perfect and peaceful. Utopia is an idealistic condition or environment where everything is right and everyone is happy. But the irony is that it has just become an imaginary thought and far from reality. But if we divert our attention to the good things in life and enjoy the small pleasures of life we can experience utopia to some extent. At least we can make our immediate environment happy and serene. Yes it is mentally exhausting when the external environment is not conducive but to attain this state of bliss we have to put in effort. Honestly, for me too it is difficult and not pragmatic to do so but I’m trying to make it possible in my own little way. Hoe we all will work towards it and achieve Utopia!

Published by goenkaruchi

Hi this is Ruchi here

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