Lemons Anybody!

This morning when I went for my walk, the bitter reality hit me. The current pandemic has made the life of daily wage earners horrible and they are literally in a terrible state. What I saw was so sad and heart-breaking. I saw a poor family with two small kids selling lemons on the roadside. The kids were looking malnourished and hungry. My heart sank seeing them and the harsh truth of the present scenario troubled me. The lemon vendor asked me to buy some lemons and I did so. I was wondering how he would survive just by selling lemons. His little kids must have not got proper food for so many days and I realised how worsely affected the common people were. I sincerely urge everyone to please help these people in whatever way we can so that they can sustain their livelihood.

Published by goenkaruchi

Hi this is Ruchi here

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