The Art of Juggling!

In life there are many situations where we need to juggle between our likes and dislikes and make some hard decisions. Be it food, people or a job. At every point we have to make a decision. At such times the art of juggling comes into play. We might be served food which is nutritious like salads which might not appeal to our taste buds but is good for our health. So we need to train our mind to juggle between what we like and what we dislike. The decision is little difficult but we need to think wisely and juggle between the right choice. Similarly we have choose between jobs and people whom we dislike but our mind says it’ll be beneficial for us in the long run. Juggling is an art which will give us the freedom to choose and do things which might look bad superficially but will prove worthy if we choose them. So let’s try to inculcate the art of juggling in our lives and live with freedom of expression!

Published by goenkaruchi

Hi this is Ruchi here

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