The Four Agreements!

Be Impeccable with your word:

This means that speak with integrity and speak rationally. Your words should have value and should not hurt anybody. Words have the power to do enrich your mind and also to encourage someone. So we should speak impeccably and flawlessly.

Don’t take anything personally:

This means that we should not be judgemental about what people say and not take it personally. Maybe at that moment we might not like it but if we think with a cool mind we will realise that the other person must not have meant it literally. So we should analyse and think positively before taking someone’s opinions to heart. We should avoid resentment and not think negative.

Don’t make assumptions:

We generally assume a lot about what people think about us and take things otherwise. We make our own assumptions without realising what the other person must be going through. We become so critical and become so pessimistic, thereby harming our own mind. So let’s stop making false assumptions about someone and keep an open mind towards things.

Always do your Best:

This means that always give your 100 percent in whatever you do. If you do anything with full determination and without any bias you won’t feel guilty and will not have any regrets. Maybe the thought that why are we doing something might occur to us and we might deviate from our path. But we should stick to our duty and do it fully and the end result will surely be exhilarating!

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