Pain is Your Superpower…

When we are in pain we always tend to blame somebody or our external circumstances for our pain. But if we give the power of getting hurt by others we will always be in pain and agony. Yes it hurts when someone tries to put you down and insults you. But remember it depends on how your react to such situations. You have two choices, either you can sit and cry or get up and get going and not taking things to heart, which is the main source of the pain. Rather be in charge of your feelings of pain and resentment and let it empower you. You can emerge as a better person and happier if you take pain as your superpower and not blame others for your pain. When pain becomes your superpower, nothing can bother you and you can be stronger and take charge of your emotions better. So make pain your superpower and don’t gt affected by pain adversely but positively!

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Hi this is Ruchi here

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