The Art of Juggling!

In life there are many situations where we need to juggle between our likes and dislikes and make some hard decisions. Be it food, people or a job. At every point we have to make a decision. At such times the art of juggling comes into play. We might be served food which is nutritiousContinue reading “The Art of Juggling!”

Food is God!

Food in India especially is next to God. When your stomach is full you fill heavenly and in fact feel divine. This means you are thanking the Almighty for whatever he has given you and specially for the food on your table. For that matter none of our festivals our complete without food and weContinue reading “Food is God!”

The Umbilical Cord…

Right from the time of conception we are always connected to our mother through her umbilical cord. The connection nourishes us and protects us and even after the cord is cut, stays with us for the whole life. A mother is always there to hug us and take care of us since we are born.Continue reading “The Umbilical Cord…”

Home is where the heart is…

Home is a place where you are comfortable and feel at peace. Your heart is attached to every nook and corner of your home. The walls, the ceilings, rather every nook and corner gives you a special feeling and many memories come alive when you think of “Home”. It should be cozy and warm andContinue reading “Home is where the heart is…”

My daughter’s tryst with desserts!

My daughter really surprises me with her creativity when it comes to desserts. Whether it is a cake or a pudding, she is so engrossed in the process of making the dessert that she forgets everything around her. But I like her passion and keen interest and encourage her in whatever way I can. She’sContinue reading “My daughter’s tryst with desserts!”

Come rain…time for chai-pakoda

With the onset of monsoon, I start craving for chai- pakoda. Seeing the ran pour and having my crunchy pakodas and a hot cup of tea – takes me to a divine experience. I like my pakodas with lot of spinach,onions, green-chilles and even spring onions. All these add to a unique combination and theContinue reading “Come rain…time for chai-pakoda”

Lychee…my childhood fruit

As a child I remember we would fight for this juicy and sumptuous fruit. My paternal aunt would come every summer and bring lots of lychees. This fruit with its delicious white pulp would make our mouths drool. Now too this fruit quenches my thirst and me and my daughter simply love it. It’s fleshyContinue reading “Lychee…my childhood fruit”

Dal Chawal – My comfort food

Dal chawal is my soul food and you can say something I relish all the time. It is my comfort food and my lunch is incomplete without it. The solace I get after eating rice and dal is truly heavenly. They say cooking is kind of a meditative therapy and when you get to eatContinue reading “Dal Chawal – My comfort food”

Food too has healing powers!

We are what we eat and food too ha healing powers. The right kind of food depends on your body type and also your work schedule. Nevertheless here is a list of food we all should incorporate in our daily lives: Vegetables such as broccoli for their high concentration of water, minerals, and fiber. FruitsContinue reading “Food too has healing powers!”