When Life gives you a thousand reasons to cry!….Smile

Life can be harsh at times and will make you cry many times. But remember when life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, God will give you a hundred reasons to smile. Now when there is so much chaos and hue and cry everywhere I feel at least I have few reasons to smile.Continue reading “When Life gives you a thousand reasons to cry!….Smile”

God Has A Plan for all of us…

It is difficult to believe but believe me God has a unique plan for all of us. Things might not seem right now but sooner or later things will fall in place. It might feel like nothing is working out at present but the Almighty knows better. He will guide us in whatever we doContinue reading “God Has A Plan for all of us…”

Food is God!

Food in India especially is next to God. When your stomach is full you fill heavenly and in fact feel divine. This means you are thanking the Almighty for whatever he has given you and specially for the food on your table. For that matter none of our festivals our complete without food and weContinue reading “Food is God!”

On the horns of a dilemma!

Sometimes we all face confusion in our lives and we are on the horns of a dilemma! These are times when we are perplexed and don’t know what to do. Even I face such situations in life when I’m utterly confused and directionless. At such times I’m overwhelmed by my emotions and my thoughts preoccupyContinue reading “On the horns of a dilemma!”