When Life gives you a thousand reasons to cry!….Smile

Life can be harsh at times and will make you cry many times. But remember when life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, God will give you a hundred reasons to smile. Now when there is so much chaos and hue and cry everywhere I feel at least I have few reasons to smile.Continue reading “When Life gives you a thousand reasons to cry!….Smile”

Training Your Mind…

The mind is a mysterious thing and plays games with us if we don’t train it. It makes us think what we don’t want to think and we come under it’s control rather we controlling it. So we need to train the mind to think good thoughts because we become what we think. It isContinue reading “Training Your Mind…”

Relationships…Value them!

As soon as we enter this world we are connected to so many people. These connections form relations which last for a lifetime and we share a special bond with them. Relationships are important and an integral part of our lives. Without them we are incomplete and our existence is trivial. Everyday we need toContinue reading “Relationships…Value them!”

Getting Out of your Comfort Zone

Life is about learning and growing each day. Sometimes we are uncomfortable to come out of our comfort zone and stretch our limits. We become so accustomed to our habits and space that we are apprehensive to go beyond it. But if we want to grow and develop ourselves we need to come out ofContinue reading “Getting Out of your Comfort Zone”