Inner Engineering

I was reading this interesting book by Sadhguru called “Inner Engineering” where he talks about how we need to lubricate our inner system and mechanism. Like machines need overhauling and lubrication to function properly, similarly we human beings to need to engineer our mind and body so that they don’t get rusted. This can beContinue reading “Inner Engineering”

The Simple Pleasures Of Life!

Life is all about simple things! It’s all about small little pleasures of day to day life that all matters the most. The beautiful morning with the birds chirping, or the bright sunlight and even a starry night add significance to life. My daughter’s smile and her happy-go-lucky nature bring me tremendous joy. The flowersContinue reading “The Simple Pleasures Of Life!”

On the Crossroads of life!

On the crossroads of life, sometimes I wonder where are we heading? What is life all about? What are we running after? What is the purpose of life? All these questions keep me thinking what is it I’m looking for? Life is sometimes so perplexing that it keeps you on your toes, not knowing whatContinue reading “On the Crossroads of life!”

“IKIGAI” – The secret to a long and happy life!

“Ikigai’ is a Japanese term and it means the reason you jump out of bed every morning. I recently read this book and I truly found my “Ikigai”. In simple words it’s the purpose of your life. It can be your passion, your profession , your mission or your vocation. This book helped me introspectContinue reading ““IKIGAI” – The secret to a long and happy life!”