Food is God!

Food in India especially is next to God. When your stomach is full you fill heavenly and in fact feel divine. This means you are thanking the Almighty for whatever he has given you and specially for the food on your table. For that matter none of our festivals our complete without food and weContinue reading “Food is God!”

Being a Rock under pressure!

In life we are constantly under pressure. The pressure to excel, the pressure to sustain under trying times and the pressure to keep everyone happy. In a way pressure is good because it teaches us to fight it out and develop ourselves. It makes us stronger and helps us learn how to deal with theContinue reading “Being a Rock under pressure!”

Relationships…Value them!

As soon as we enter this world we are connected to so many people. These connections form relations which last for a lifetime and we share a special bond with them. Relationships are important and an integral part of our lives. Without them we are incomplete and our existence is trivial. Everyday we need toContinue reading “Relationships…Value them!”

Mental Resilience…

Mental resilience is all about being mentally strong and to be able to take charge of your mind. The mind is constantly thinking and especially in adverse situations we tend to lose control of the mind and start thinking negative. But if we can control our thoughts and strengthen our mind, we can overcome anyContinue reading “Mental Resilience…”


Narcissism is a quality or a psychological condition where one is so self-obsessed with one’s physical or outer appearance. But I think narcissist people lack depth and are more superficial. They are grandiose and egoist. On the outside this might seem like a wonderful trait but actually it is not. I’ve come across such peopleContinue reading “Narcissism…”

The Law of Attraction!

I suppose we all have heard about it many times that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. This is the universal law of attraction that applies everywhere. Our mind is like a magnet we can say. If we think positive thoughts, we will attract positive things in our lives and on the other handContinue reading “The Law of Attraction!”


There are times in our lives when we don’t feel like doing something and we keep procrastinating it. It might be something we dislike or something which doesn’t appeal to us. The more we delay in doing it the more tough it will become for us to do it. I too face situations when IContinue reading “Procrastination….”

Oblivion…The Unknown World!

When you shut off your mind and go into the oblivion, you’ll experience a different kind of joy! You are in your zone away from what’s happening and in a different world all together. Sometimes we do it deliberately but generally it a natural phenomenon. It’s impossible to remember things when so much chaos isContinue reading “Oblivion…The Unknown World!”

Utopia….State of bliss!

Today when I think of utopia, it seems far far away. It has just become a dream where everything will be perfect and peaceful. Utopia is an idealistic condition or environment where everything is right and everyone is happy. But the irony is that it has just become an imaginary thought and far from reality.Continue reading “Utopia….State of bliss!”