On the Crossroads of life!

On the crossroads of life, sometimes I wonder where are we heading? What is life all about? What are we running after? What is the purpose of life? All these questions keep me thinking what is it I’m looking for? Life is sometimes so perplexing that it keeps you on your toes, not knowing whatContinue reading “On the Crossroads of life!”

Water – The Essence Of Life!

Imagine a world without water! It’s simply impossible right? We can’t live without water as 70% of our bodies are made of water. It is the essence of life. That’s why it is important to keep ourselves hydrated and drink plenty of water. Everybody needs water and it is critical for the survival of everyContinue reading “Water – The Essence Of Life!”

Let there be hope…

Even in the darkest of tunnels, there’s always a ray of hope. Hope keeps us striving and going even in the darkest hour. Amidst the lockdown, when I was seeing the news it was quite saddening and devastating. Life is unpredictable and today we are living with so much ambiguity around us. But that smallContinue reading “Let there be hope…”

The show must go on…

Recently, when I’m hearing so many tragic incidents of youngsters committing suicide, my heart just sinks. Seriously what is wrong with the present generation? Life is a blessing and we are supposed to fight against all odds and live it. Yes the present scenario is depressing, but we can’t lose hope. At least think ofContinue reading “The show must go on…”

Nostalgia.. those were the days!

Sometimes my mind wanders down memory lane, I tend to miss the good old days. When I reminisce those days my heart is filled with joy. Those good old days were full of laughter, happiness and carefree attitude. One could do whatever one wanted, eat whatever you wished, run around with friends and cousins andContinue reading “Nostalgia.. those were the days!”

The journey has been enthralling!

It’s nearly a month today since I began this journey and it has been enthralling! I feel the new me is born again and is soaring high. I’ve got wings now and am trying to touch the sky. It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I’m growing day by day.Life gives us so many opportunitiesContinue reading “The journey has been enthralling!”

You can heal your life…

I’m reading this book by the famous author Louise Hay “You can heal your life“. I suppose many of us have read this book. Its gives us simple ways in which we can change your thought pattern and start loving yourself. The power to heal all our negative emotions, the hurt, the resentment is allContinue reading “You can heal your life…”