Training Your Mind…

The mind is a mysterious thing and plays games with us if we don’t train it. It makes us think what we don’t want to think and we come under it’s control rather we controlling it. So we need to train the mind to think good thoughts because we become what we think. It isContinue reading “Training Your Mind…”

Mental Resilience…

Mental resilience is all about being mentally strong and to be able to take charge of your mind. The mind is constantly thinking and especially in adverse situations we tend to lose control of the mind and start thinking negative. But if we can control our thoughts and strengthen our mind, we can overcome anyContinue reading “Mental Resilience…”

Peace Of Mind

Peace of Mind is something we all are looking for. Today when so much agitation is going on outside and with so much of commotion it is difficult to be peaceful. The primary thing we should do is to not get affected by external situations and look for peace inside. For this we need toContinue reading “Peace Of Mind” a world of noise!

Our mind is talking to us non-stop and sometimes we need to quiet this chattering. This is called “Mindfulness” that is to be silent and peaceful when so much noise and commotion is going around us. If we can sit down and introspect what’s going on inside us and be aware of whatever we areContinue reading “ a world of noise!”