Pain is Your Superpower…

When we are in pain we always tend to blame somebody or our external circumstances for our pain. But if we give the power of getting hurt by others we will always be in pain and agony. Yes it hurts when someone tries to put you down and insults you. But remember it depends onContinue reading “Pain is Your Superpower…”

Mental Resilience…

Mental resilience is all about being mentally strong and to be able to take charge of your mind. The mind is constantly thinking and especially in adverse situations we tend to lose control of the mind and start thinking negative. But if we can control our thoughts and strengthen our mind, we can overcome anyContinue reading “Mental Resilience…”

Nothing lasts forever

In the current situation when everything is going from bad to worse I know we all are petrified and worried. Life seems to have come to a standstill. But remember nothing is constant except for change. This situation shall also change and bad times will pass. It all will seem like a bad dream andContinue reading “Nothing lasts forever”

Demystifying the Doldrums!

Everyone faces those lows in life when you feel life is difficult and depressing. These are the times when you are facing those doldrums. Even I go through these times when everything seems impossible and anxiety overtakes me. In such times my heart sinks and my mind goes through a zillion thoughts which make meContinue reading “Demystifying the Doldrums!”