Chaat and Salad Recipes

Who doesn’t love chaat and specially when summer is it is even more tempting and enticing. Also Salads are good summer coolers and undoubtedly a healthy option to balance out your cravings. Do check out my Chaat and Salad recipes in my Recipes corner. I’ve given the links below: Chaat Recipes Salad Recipes

Simply Salad!

Summer is here and it’s time for some healthy and fresh salads to beat the heat. Salads can be act as an appetizer or a complete meal itself. You can add many dressings to it and make it interesting. Give it your personal touch and use the vegetables and ingredients you like. Today I triedContinue reading “Simply Salad!”

Potatoes is a must!

Potato or Aloo is common in every household and can be combined with any other vegetable perfectly. No wonder it is liked by all and it is my favourite without any doubt. I have put together some very exotic and any-time cook potato recipes which everybody will savour. I’ll be happy if you all likeContinue reading “Potatoes is a must!”