Chaat and Salad Recipes

Who doesn’t love chaat and specially when summer is it is even more tempting and enticing. Also Salads are good summer coolers and undoubtedly a healthy option to balance out your cravings. Do check out my Chaat and Salad recipes in my Recipes corner. I’ve given the links below: Chaat Recipes Salad Recipes

Mexican Salad

A healthy and crunchy salad with all the goodness of greens. Even kids will love it as it has macaroni included. A unique assortment of vegetables, bread croutons and macaroni, it will surely delight your taste buds. I’m sharing the recipe below: Ingredients: 1/4 cup cucumber unpeeled 1/4 cup capsicum 1/4 cup carrot 1/4 cupContinue reading “Mexican Salad”

Simply Salad!

Summer is here and it’s time for some healthy and fresh salads to beat the heat. Salads can be act as an appetizer or a complete meal itself. You can add many dressings to it and make it interesting. Give it your personal touch and use the vegetables and ingredients you like. Today I triedContinue reading “Simply Salad!”